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That’s why you hurt others. on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/111067645/via/champaaayne

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also i just found out matthew healy from the 1975 is the son of Denise Welch, who is a uk celebrity. I’M DEAD SERIOUS his mom is more famous than him go read her Wikipedia page and on the personal life part, read everything and you’ll realize why matty is fucked up as shit (i love him always and forever but he is fucked up and i love him a lot although) goddammit i just want to hold him and give him tea now.

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PLEASE PEOPLE I HAVE A SERIOUS ISSUE i’m going to a festival this summer and in the linup they have the 1975 RIGHT BEFORE the arctic monkeys IN A COMPLETLY DIFFERENT STAGE WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO i mean if i go to one front row there’s NO FUCKING WAY i’m getting front row at the other HELP serious message me i’m having nightmares about this u can’t make me choose between matt and alex pls message me

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Guys u like my new wallpaper?

can we just talk about how google suggests you leo dicaprio before leo da vinci he has officially made his life he’s more popular than leonardo da vinci you can all go home he’s won the internet

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that moment when you realize that your friends’ faces would be better memes than the popular memes

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I think i’m sort of a real life sociopath I will not shed a tear if a family member dies but I will cry for two weeks after dumbledore dies in the sixth book

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guess who has overate today and is barely eating tomorrow and smoking half a pack yes it’s me ding ding ding jackpot

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sleep is an absolute concept for me i either sleep 4 hours or i sleep 12

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there is literally nothing worse than your mother coming in on you singing very very loud thinking you’re home alone and catching you recording yourself seriously i want to crawl into a hole and die now 

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checking out old archive posts from when my blog was a totally different style and just going like “wow who the fuck was that person”

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